Types of Chennai escorts

There are plentiful types of Chennai escorts service categories available in Chennai. Any escort agency can segregate the girls based on various factors and the taste of the customers. The main reason to categorize the escort services or call girls is the ease of the client. So that they can quickly hire a model from the types of Chennai escorts.

Whenever we receive a call for Chennai escort service from our client, we first ask the types of Chennai escorts and their requirements to offer a perfectly matched Chennai escort companion. Majorly we have two kinds of Chennai escort models. Firstly, the expensive escort models are significantly less available and need to take prior appointments to avail their escort service. Because of these reasons can be afforded by the only elite, rich people. If someone asks them, then we offer Airhostess escorts, VIP models, or Dating girl escorts.

Secondly, we ask them to hire our housewife escorts or college girl escorts for the less expensive escort models. Here, homemakers have experience, and their ages are above 30 years, whereas college girls are inexperienced and less than 22 years. Therefore the service cost is less and can be hired by ordinary people.

Below types of Chennai escorts categories are available in our agency

Air Hostess Escorts

Air Hostess escorts are one of the expensive models that provide premium escort services to only elite people. Air Hostess escorts are also available at our escort agency in Chennai. Because of their profession, they live an aristocratic and maintained life. Usually, they stay most of the time in hotels as they frequently travel from one city to another. Therefore, air hostess models’ availability is significantly less, and the availing cost is very high.

Housewife Escorts

If you are looking for complete sexual satisfaction and emotional support, you must hire a Housewife escorts service. They are the most experienced Chennai escorts among all types of Chennai escorts categories available in Chennai escorts. They are readily available in any city as well as very affordable in terms of cost. Housewife escorts can provide the absolute pleasure of sex through bed sex and various sexual positions. However, young and inexperienced people who want to learn sexual techniques must hire housewife escort services. They are unmatched when it comes to satisfying men in bed.

types of chennai escorts
Types of Chennai escorts

College Girls Escorts

College girl escorts are the most inexperienced escort models. They are readily available but also have high demand in the Chennai escort industry. They are significantly less expensive comparatively other escort companions, but they are fresh and full of energy. If you are an experienced person and know how to do good sex, then college girls escorts are the perfect match for you because they will obey and cooperate during lovemaking.

VIP Model Escorts

VIP model escorts are high-profile Chennai escort models and one of the costliest types of Chennai escorts. Therefore, the average person cannot avail of their premium escort service. The call girls who have done a few TV commercials or have worked in TV serials come under this category. They have to maintain high living standards because of their profession but do not earn enough, so sometimes they join an escort agency. They are not readily available and permanently preserve privacy. Therefore, they provide services only in five-star rated hotels.

Dating Girl Escorts

The last type of Chennai escort service is Dating girl escorts. They are usually beautiful and intelligent girls who like to go to parties or on short business trips. Business people want to hire these call girls during their business tour to get a beautiful company. People also like to hire them on special occasions such as bachelor parties, new year’s eve parties, and many more.

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