A tribute to Laura Lee from Chennai escort agency

Irish sex worker Laura Lee, widely known as the iron lady because of her international campaigns, has died suddenly at 39 only. She took a stand and always spoke on behalf of the escort models and their rights. Being a Chennai escort agency, we all are giving a tribute to Laura Lee.

Lee’s family updated a Facebook message regarding her death, and Northern Ireland-based solicitor Ciaran Moynagh acknowledged and gave tribute to her because she campaigned on sex workers.

We are deeply saddened by the death of our client Laura Lee


She made the world acknowledged that many abusing acts were happening with sex-works and fought for women who become call girls because of poverty and various reasons.

Legislation of Northern Ireland made prostitution illegal and any payment for sexual activities in June 2015. Laura bravely ran a social campaign for judicial review, which asked to protect the thousands of call girls who do not have a leader and no one wants to listen to them wants to use them.

The opposition party also gave tribute to laura Lee and said she would be remembered as the most fearless human rights advocate.

Laura Lee

She kept genuine questions in front of society and the law. She asked the lawmaker not to ban the prostitute, instead of focusing on dealing with the actual crimes. Such as human trafficking, slavery, and abusive activities with minors.

Why Chennai escort is giving tribute to Laura Lee

Being a Chennai escort service provider and a team of beautiful and unique call girls, we know what is happening regularly. However, no one is available who can talk about us or our requirements. In case any horrible incident occurs, we find ourselves alone.

Laura Lee was an advocate, but still, she thought for us and our human rights. It happens when a person has a great sense and humanity.

News source: The Guardian