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Being an escort is very tough to keep the personal life separate and private thing to do. Especially when you have to keep track of what information you choose to share with your clients and what part of your life you want to keep separated and secured from snooping eyes. Therefore, in this article, I will inform you how to write a perfect escort profile? And the common mistakes an escort must avoid during escort profile creation.

A common mistake that especially new Chennai escorts tend to make is over-sharing personal information, thinking they get a better chance of attracting attention, and luring in new clients to date. But sharing too much personal information on those platforms can backfire even put you in a dangerous situation.

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Here are a few of the personal information that you must never mention on the escort profile

Never use personal contact number in your escort profile

It may seem obvious to some of you that your personal contact number should be kept just as it is personal! But sometimes, newcomer escorts eager to start their escorting activity tend to skip this significant step of going out and buying a special phone and sim card, especially for their escorting activity.

Never mix your work with your personal life, or you’ll end up without a clear boundary between your free time and your activity as a professional escort. Having your personal contact number displayed on your escort profile makes you prone to calls at all hours of the day, without being able to choose when to answer work and when not to because in most cases, you don’t know who is calling – it may be your landlord, or it may be a clingy client that you are trying to avoid, or it may be that awesome, rich guy you dated last week!

Never mention residential address in your escort profile

If you are offering incall escort service and mentioning that in your escort profile does not make it necessary for you to display your incall address. You will disclose private information like the residential address after the background verification on your client, and you feel ok with meeting him at your incall location.

Updating the residential address to your escort profile for everyone to see can put you in a dangerous situation because anyone can come to you at any time and knock on your door, or stalk you or even follow you. There are a lot of creeps out there, so stay safe and share as little personal information as possible!

Never use personal email address in your escort profile

When starting to work in the escorting industry, the first thing to do is create an entirely new escort identity, totally separated from your personal life – a different name, phone number, and email address. This way, you ensure that you won’t mix your personal life with your escorting life. And for your sanity and quality of life, we strongly recommend that you keep those two apart so that you can have a pause from time to time, away from clients, dates, fetishes, and your client’s unfulfilled desires.

Having a different email address for your escorting activity also allows you to keep track of your dates and conversations with your clients, escort agencies, and escort directories without mixing them with other personal emails, shopping newsletters, bills, etc. so on.

For your own sake, keep your life as compartmentalized and clean as possible so that you can have a place to retreat and recharge your batteries when you are feeling overwhelmed by your escort duties.

Social media personal profiles

When joining the ranks of escorts, you may want to also use social media as a place to promote your escort activity and to attract new clients, and that’s a pretty good strategy, but our advice is to create some brand-new social media profiles for your escort identity, separated from your accounts.

Use your escort nickname and create a Twitter, Instagram, Tinder account, and so on, but make sure you are posting things related only to your life as an escort. Do not leak any personal information, such as the license plates on your car, family photo or photo with friends, or a picture with you at the gym, where others can see the gym name.

In the escort industry, you will get the mixed type of people a few are good, and a few are wrong, you never know who is watching your profile, and who may become obsessed with you and with your life, stalking you or invading your personal space by showing up in all your favorite places or sending you inappropriate messages. Be aware of what you choose to post and disclose when it comes to your daily activities or daily life.

Stay safe; that’s the number one priority when starting your life as a professional escort. Do not over-share things; screen your clients carefully, and only after you feel super comfortable with them can you share different aspects of your personal life if you want that.

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