Natural beverages to boost your sex drive

A more rigid, longer-lasting boner who’s not looking for one of those, right? Well, stop looking in the doctor’s clinic or the pharmacy and start looking in your fridge because you can boost your sex drive and increase your libido, the natural way, by drinking a fresh, delicious drink. Therefore, keep reading to know the Natural beverages to boost your sex drive.

Being the leading Chennai escort agency, we are sharing few important natural beverages and ingredients to boost your sex drive. The beverages are very delicious and easy to prepare; all you need to know are what ingredients to mix to get the desired result, which is a night of prolonged, intense pleasure. Here are how some “magic” ingredients can work in your favor when it comes to getting that much-desired, strong erection so that you can enjoy the heavenly pleasure offered by our Chennai escorts.

natural beverages to boost your sex drive

The first natural beverages to boost your sex drive is Pomegranate juice, which is excellent for blood flow.

A study performed at Queen Margaret University showed that pomegranate is the “magic” fruit that increases the testosterone levels in the body, acting as a natural aphrodisiac and boosting the blood flow, and we know how vital a good blood flow is for a firm erection.

So, include pomegranate into your smoothies if you’re looking for better sexual stamina, and intense libido, and outstanding performance in bed.

How to make Pomegranate Smoothie beverage?

Pour the seeds of one pomegranate into a blender, add 20 grams of peeled ginger and the juice of one lemon, then blend everything, add some ice, now it is ready to drink and enhance your stamina with libido.

The second natural beverages to boost your sex drive is Peaches and Strawberries juice for Vitamin C.

They are delicious fruits, but both strawberries and peaches are rich in vitamin A and C, which help with nitric oxide production within the body. And why is this important, you ask? Because it increases the blood flow into our body, it implicitly helps keep the erection firm.

The third natural beverages to boost your sex drive is Coconut Water, the source of natural potassium and magnesium.

Potassium helps us regulate the amount of salt in our body and implicitly avoids hypertension and bad circulatory problems, leading to weak erections, while magnesium allows muscles and nerves. Also, low magnesium in the body can lead to premature ejaculation, and that’s never a good thing to happen!

The fourth natural beverages to boost your sex drive is the Chocolate & Banana mix drink.

It is widely known that bananas are good for lowering our stress levels, and chocolate gives us dopamine; pumpkin seeds are high in zinc and boost testosterone levels, while ginger enhances libido. To create this smoothie, you need to blend the following ingredients:

½ frozen banana, a handful of strawberries, one or two peaches, one tablespoon of raw pumpkin seeds, one dark chocolate, 120 ml almond milk, 120 ml cold water, and a pinch of ginger.

The fifth natural beverages to boost your sex drive is the Maca Powder Smoothie

Maca powder helps increase testosterone levels and boosts the sex drive and sperm production.

For this smoothie, you will need to put one frozen banana into a blender, add almond milk or one cup of yogurt, one tablespoon of dried maca powder, and blend everything till smooth.

Honorable mentions, which are very important

To have a good stamina and sex drive, you must have zero or low stress. And here, Dark chocolate and banana play a crucial role because dark chocolate and banana contain dopamine to decrease anxiety.

By adding dark chocolate into your smoothie, you help increase the dopamine levels in the brain, while adding bananas helps decrease the stress levels in our bodies.

I hope the above Natural beverages to boost your sex drive will help you. What are the smoothies you create at home to increase your energy level and your stamina in bed? Write on the comment box. We can’t wait to find out new recipes from you guys.

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