69 Sex Position

Pro Tips to Multiply the Pleasure of 69 Sex Position


October 27, 2023

You can count the number of people in this world who do not prefer the 69 sex position. It is one of the hottest favorite erotic stances to make the most out of the time.

Are you unable to stimulate yourself and your dream Chennai escort as usual? Ditch the glitch with some pro tips to titillate her soft points and shed the layer of modesty.

Does 69 Position Super Turn the Partner?

The 69 position is about the involvement of two or more frisky people to give and receive oral sex simultaneously. It is all about the way to engage with your partner before having intercourse.

As you will be finding one of your hottest Chennai call girls too close to you, the session will be highly intimidating. The 69 position is all about an innumerable number of variations that include:

  • Classic 69
  • Inverted 69
  • Swinging 69
  • Sideways 69
  • Sex toy 69
  • Squatting 69
  • Standing 69
  • Penetrative 69
  • Analingus 69 and many more.

With the highest level of enthusiasm, curiosity, and strong oral muscles; you can give a boatload of fun to your erotic partner. Want to know how to make the erotic session exclusively pleasurable? Here are some exclusive tips to follow…….

An Insight to Pro Tips to Make the 69 Sexual Position Exclusively Adorable

To make the most out of the escort service in Bangalore, why stay away from following some exclusive pro tips to carry on 69 sex positions? These amazing hacks will let in making the most out of your time:

  • Using protection

First and foremost, it is essential to make the best use of protection to prevent transmission of sexually transmitted infections. Taking the help of dental dams and condoms at the time of performing 69 will be a great idea.

Your partner is supposed to lie on her back and you are going to position yourself on top. Lining up the genitals with the mouth of your partner followed by licking will be something amazing.

  • Placing a pillow under the head

To make things highly comfortable, place a pillow under the head of your female partner. The right type of pillow will be firm enough to provide cent percent support.

Lying on the sides will be another comfortable way to make the 69 position enjoyable. It will free both of you from the worries of getting limbs in odd places. To keep up with the pressure, you can consider the thighs of Bangalore call girls as pillows.

  • Getting in spooning

Switching up positions by changing pace and use of hands will let in making the most out of the 69 sex position. The moment you start feeling horny, lie on your back and make your partner sit up followed by a turn towards your feet.

Let her pass the legs over your body to make her pelvis face the mouth. Slowly letting her lower back and down will let in enjoy the most. You can go with fingering and using the tongue to stay playful.

Make sure to carry on with the communication with your dream Chennai escort service while enjoying the 69 sexual positions. Join hands with Pooja Kaur to get in touch with the right erotic partner.

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