Massage Services

Chennai escort welcome you to the world of erotic pleasure. Our body massage services are full of excitement and it will be an entirely new experience. Body massage services will be going to provide you a new type of erotic experience. The people who want to enjoy the sex slowly but lengthy, it is for them.

In our Chennai escort agency, you will get various types of body massage services. These massage services are unisexual and provide thrilling experiences when body-to-body contact happens. Usually, you have to undress during the service entirely, and in the same way, our call girl also put significantly less and attractive dress to ignite your sexual hunger.

In Chennai, escort below types of massage services is available.

Body to body massage service.

Our Call girls in Chennai are experts in the body to body massage. Although body to body massage service and the foreplay service are very similar, the feelings will be entirely different. Usually, in the body massage service, we apply hot aromatic oil all over the body, including the genital organ. When our Chennai escort model rub, squeeze and massage the body you will feel that you have reached heaven. To rub our call girls, use their bumps and boobs and other organs to feel more comfortable.

Foot massage Service.

Chennai is one of the largest cities in India. In this city lot of entertainment options are available and many places to visit. Foot massage in Chennai is another popular massage service. Although it is widely accessible across the city only we are the famous professionals.

Chennai escort call girls have trained from the rural part of Kerala and specialized in body parts massage. Our Chennai call girls know various Accu pressure points, and during the massage service, they use it to provide you the ultimate relaxation.

Foot massage service has many steps, and firstly the process starts with the hot water cleaning; after that, they use special aromatic oil. Once oiling has done, they massage the leg slowly and pressure all the joints and fingertips. Finally, they cover the feet with a warm towel.

To experience various types of massage services in Chennai, contact our escort agency.

Full body massage service

In Chennai, many erotic pleasure options are available, but nothing can be compared with it when it comes to a full-body massage. Beautiful and sexy models provide complete body massage service in Chennai at our escort agency.

Full body massage service covers head-to-toe massage. The complete body massage service’s minimum duration is 60 minutes, but you can request for extension of up to 3 hours.  The first-hour service cost is Rs. 5000. After that, each additional hour will cost you rupees three thousand.

Our Chennai escort model will seduce you during the body massage and after the body massage service; if you feel, you can ask her for a sexual intercourse service.