Shower Sex

What are Some Exclusive Positions to Make Shower Sex Awesome?


October 16, 2023

Ah! Having shower sex with your dream girl is a dream for every man. It looks great in cinemas, but in real life; it is a bit challenging. Still, if you have a strong desire to move with one of the Chennai escorts from bedroom to bathroom; get ready.

There are several ways to make it an overall awesome experience. Below are some exclusive positions with tips to follow to make your attempt great…..

Why Make Your Partner Stand with Her Back towards Shower?

Are you in the full mood to have a sexually entertaining session with your erotic partner under the shower? Firstly, better to avoid the use of a slippery mat as it may lead to an unwanted accident.

Also, the stool must be sturdy and the bathroom area must be clean enough. To add to the playful session, making your partner stand with her back towards the shower will be great. Softening the flow of water and application of silicone lube will permit actual penetration.

Massaging the head and shoulders of your escort partner will let in make the most out of escort service in Chennai. A shower detachable shower head will add to the pleasurable session with your dream girl.

Why Not Have the Shower Head Point Directly on Junk?

Without friction, having a sexual pleasure is difficult. Unfortunately, having water sloshed around the dick and vagina will prevent friction. To enjoy the session, better position yourself and your Bangalore call girl where the water is getting down on the back sides.

It is good to avoid having the shower head pointing directly at your junk. Another tip to add to a glorified sensual pleasure is by carrying out mutual masturbation.

You can carry out this fun teasing game by simply watching each other and touching the private parts. Using waterproof sex toys like vibrators will arouse pleasure by rate to sky height.

Is it Good to Avoid Advanced Sexual Positions?

For coming across enjoyable benefits of Bangalore escort services, it is good to go with simple and easy sexual positions. Giving a trial to advanced sexual positions may not be safe.

Performing intense stuff inside the bathroom may result in slipping and getting seriously hurt. It may also cause bruises on her butts. Better go for a dancer position as it works on the intimacy concept.

You can lift your leg and wrap it around the waist of one of the Chennai escorts hired. If there is a big difference between your height of yours and your partner’s, then better use a quality stool.

This will permit easy penetration and stimulation. Shower sex will prove to be hot and memorable if you can maintain kinky stuff.

What will the Idea of Using Bathtub Edge be like?

Last but not least, better use the edge of the bathtub for a better orgasm! Alternatively, you can use the toilet seat will let in enjoy a doggy position. It is easy to try in any bathroom, whether Indian or Western style.

Following these tips will help in make the most out of shower sex with your dream partner. Join Pooja Kaur to get in touch with high-profile and gorgeous-looking Chennai call girls at a reasonable price.

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