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How To Ask Someone For Sex


June 19, 2022

Top 12 Best Ways to Seduce or Asking Your Partner for Sex

Sexual intimacy is a keen aspect of any straight men and women relationship. When you start talking about physical satisfaction or asking a girl for sex things start getting awkward due to many reasons. The most common one is the wrong approach for convincing for sex.

As a result, any healthy relationship might turn bad for wrongful reasons. So, it’s always the right approach to sexual intercourse and the very first step is to start talking about each other preferences to know everything.

It’s important to acknowledge the women’s interest first as it will set up a fun playground for you in bed. For the very first time having sexual intercourse with your partner takes time and effort to move with the flow. Not everyone has a great first-time experience and today we are here to address some vital points that will help you to make your partner pleasing in the bed.

3 Best Ways for Asking Sex Without Sounding Desperate

When sex becomes a priority to take a relationship one step further then men have to engage first by asking for casual sex. This is the most common way of approaching a girl for sex. As a result, there might be a chance that you might sound a little bit desperate for sex.

Believe me, no man wants to sound desperate for sex but the waiting game takes too long to handle for anyone. Every healthy relationship takes immerse efforts to keep their sexual life more pleasing and surprising by making necessary changes in the role-playing, arousal and stimulation. Here are a few points that you can follow to have sex without being creepy.

  1. Start Giving Indirect Hints: The first thing is to make a move by saying anything that makes your woman attentive at first for example “Asking for a physical relationship by reminding her the last time when you had sex” Start complimenting her to gain her attention towards you. Therefore, you can start expressing to her about sexual intercourse. I know convincing for sex might be hard for anyone but the couple in a long-term relationship always understands each other’s expressions. So, the best thing is to start giving hints that make her fall for you in the bed.
  2. You Should Request Sex for Pleasure: Now, here you have to understand one important thing which is “You have to be in a long relationship to ask this” Most of the time, the couple often misunderstood the concept of longevity, trust and pleasure which could turn their fun-loving sex into an argument for priorities. However, to ask someone to make love to you is a different ball game but if your woman is in a good mood then you can easily play the game swiftly. That’s why men should always read the room before asking their girls for sex.
  3. Start with Physical Intimacy: As far as physical intimacy is concerned, consent comes first. In other words, physical touch can be defined in many ways but the sexual arousal moments ignite the heat between them. So, it’s important to take consent first before you start kissing her all the way. However, it might appear unnecessary for many of those who just want to jump the gun but trust me having your partner on board with the same energy as you are will only make your sexual intercourse more pleasing. Above all, slow and steady physical touch will only make you more appealing in front of her. Once she gets ready for sex then you can have the best time of your life in the bed.

Top Three Secrets To Asking A Girl For Having Sex in The First Date

When you are new in a relationship, sexual pleasure is off the table for any couple due to many reasons. But it can be a pivotal aspect of taking a relationship to a whole new level where both of you can trust each other and establish an emotional bond for a long-lasting relationship.

However, in most cases, men are often considered for asking for sex. This proposal is a challenge in itself as any new couple would be ready for any peer pressure. So, these points will highlight the actions that you can take to have sex in an enthusiastic way.

  • Always make a lasting impression: The way you dress in front of your partner showcases the true feelings they hold for each other. So, dressing has always been a part of great foreplay. Women can easily seduce men with their lingerie to give erotic pleasures. Men should try more appealing looks to look sexy in any outfit. Therefore, these are some choices that you can make to have sex with someone.
  • Try to make her feel comfortable: Having a comfortable environment is the key to asking someone to make love to you. Although, you can ask your partner how would they feel to start physical intimacy without making the conversation awkward. To clarify, it’s important to ask your partner about choices while attempting physical tough on the body for example “How would you like it if I touch you here and kiss around the neck” These thoughts might trigger erotic arousal and will ease the struggle of having sex for the first time. However, sexual intercourse is about the couple investing in each other’s emotions rather than just filling a sexual appetite. So, there’s a difference between them and what truly set these two borderlines apart is “How comfortable is your partner during sex”.
  • Start giving her erotic pleasures: Erotic arousal is the first step of the Sexual Response Cycle where every couple should measure their progress of sexual intercourse. However, if you start giving her erotic pleasures in the foreplay then you can ask for sex without being rude. This is one of the most important aspects of physical intimacy. Erotic pleasures with sexy girls include massages, seduction and foreplay to keep things interesting between both of them. But if you are not able to do that then here are some other suggestions which you can include to have sex without being rude. Complimenting your partner for gaining her attention towards your conversation is a perfect way for anyone.

How To Check Whether She/he Is In The Mood For Sex or Not?

This is really important but still usually ignored by many couples. No one likes to get bored or irritated in any relationship because once you start irritating your partner then everything changes. To make it right, it will take immense efforts to rejuvenate your sexual life. That’s why it’s important to see whether your partner is in the mood or not before proposing sex.

Mutual consent is an important part of having sexual intercourse but if one is not agreed for any reason then don’t try to push it unnecessary. However, listed below actions might help you with picking up the pace of having sex or not?

  1. Start sending naughty messages: Naughty messaging is one of the sexiest methods to know the right mood of your partner. It is the best way to ask about sex without mentioning sex in the text. However, it is more of a role-playing task where you send naughty texts to your partner to check whether they are also feeling horny right now or not? Kissing, cuddling and erotic pleasures are some common naughty things that you can do with your partner.
  2. Set up the sexy environment: The environment says a lot about the other person’s expectations. Men usually crave attentive pleasures which can be really helpful to ease the intense pressure of performance in the bed. So, to make it more comfortable or accepting you can set up the perfect environment to make your partner realize that you are asking for sex. Now, setting up the right tone for your intention is quite variable from person to person but here are some suggestions that might help you to pick up the right tone for example flowers, candlelight dinners, terrace sightings and her favourite cologne to drive her mad for you.
Sex With Someone
Sex With Someone

Top 3 Ways You Can Ask for Sex Without Seeming Too Thirsty

Men can easily relate to this because they want to have sex without seeming too thirsty. This is a common masculine trait where they want to assert dominance in the bed. Now, seeming too thirsty for anything might give a wrong signal to anyone.

That’s why you have to play calm and be aware of your actions. Generally, men are more keen on making out that they rather forget the importance of foreplay which establishes the interest both of them in sexual intercourse.

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Start your conversation with your sexual expectations vs reality

Many couples face the reality alarm. In other words, no matter how great you expected your intercourse to last but in reality, it always is a weird and fast action. I know it’s kind of a funny thing to talk about but still, we have to address such issues to make our sex life more appealing than others.

To overcome such problems you have to lower your expectations of your partner in the bed and trust me it will save you a moment of regret of doing it too soon. However, it’s always going to be like this unless you start making changes to the way you see sex. Sexual intercourse is more than just fuck someone. The pleasure to feel satiated in the bed is amazing.

Communication is a key to purpose of a girl for sex

This is true, communicating with your partner is one of the most important things you can do to establish a trustworthy relationship. Therefore, it also helps to initiate a conversation between them to understand each other’s priorities in the relationship.

Physic intimacy is a game of body language and communication. Most couples lack these steps which simply makes their sex more of a routine task than being something special. Communicating with your partner will help you to ask for sex without being rude.

However, if you don’t know how to start a conversation with your partner then start talking about your common interests which will make your conversation more relevant and then slowly move towards physical intimacy for having sex.

So, Communication plays vital role, Therefore start communicating with Chennai independent call girls for great pleasure during sex.

Try not to impose anything

After some time, when sex becomes normal in any relationship then men start imposing their demands on the women due to unawareness. Therefore, they hardly think about the way they used to do in the first few months.

Here’s a pro tip to make any relationship last longer always have a special thing which makes your partner eager to spend more time with you. This will actually help you to keep things spicy or engaging. This is clearly one of the best ways to ask for a physical relationship to make it more appealing. On the other hand, imposing anything from physical dominance to emotional distress will only ruin their mood for you.

Things to remember while asking someone for sex

  1. Romanticising your partner for erotic pleasures will make you fall in love. Men often try to romanticise themselves with their partner in the bed which is a good thing to maintain a spark for a relationship. As time passes, things start to fade away and your romance also becomes pale but some quality time with your partner will help you both to keep the relationship more engaging and interesting. However, this will helps to avoid boredom and add new elements to try in the relationship.
  2. Sexual consent is a must-go policy before engaging in any sexual activities. For most people asking about consent during arousal is a boner kill because no one wants to sound like weird or unnatural that has to follow every rule in the textbook. However, no matter how much you hate to ask it but it’s important to do so. I can share some interesting methods to help you to figure out not just the verbal consent “Yes” but also physical consent. Now you don’t have to ask her directly, just start with erotic touches and simply ask “how would you like it if I kiss you on the lips” If she comply with your touches and doesn’t feel uncomfortable then you can go for it. Always try to read the body language if she is comfortable or not? If not then don’t try to ask the reasons just say “Maybe we can do it later on, when you feel comfortable”.
  3. Find what turned your partner on during the arousal period. The couples have many kinks when it comes to what makes them excited for sexual pleasures? Therefore, you have to know what your partner likes and how she wants you to perform for complete satisfaction. These are a few things which you can do to find what makes your partner more attentive toward sex? It can be dirty taking, compliments, sexy dresses and massages. Erotic pleasures should always be included because it really helps to establish the ground for Sexual Response Cycle. Finally, the orgasm will clearly indicate how good you are in the bed.


Sex is an undying appetite which can be insatiable if not treated right. After a certain age, people usually struggle to keep their sex life more active than before. However, they often forget that love and affection makes the most of sex and if you are only doing sex to fulfil your appetite then you might have never experienced the best sexual experience which can only be achieved through emotional bonding. However, the level of satiety depends upon the distinct approach you follow for sexual pleasures.

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