How to Fist Your Partner Safely

How to Fist Your Partner Safely and Provide a Joyous Experience?


October 12, 2023

Now, you can fist your dream erotic partner vaginally. This mysterious activity will remain no more a terrifying prospect with some amazing hacks. Whatever the size and shape of your clenched fist, you can quench the thirst of your Chennai escort.

Before moving ahead, why not take an insight into what fisting is all about?

Is fisting all about Inserting the Entire Hand into the Vagina?

Fisting is not limited to inserting the open or closed hands inside the vagina of your female escort partner. With patience and using plenty of lube, you insert your fist anally too. Following some safety guidelines, you can multiply the glory of this sexual move.

Your Chennai escort partner hired will no doubt enjoy being fisted as it will shake things upward from a stale sex life. The allure of stepping into a darker region of the body will serve to be extra kinky.

Having the whole or a part of the hand inside the vagina will result in an extremely arousing pleasure. Unlike a sex toy, a clenched fist can stimulate a large area of the internal tissue with an unusual joy. This will prove to be highly enticing for your erotic partner.

How Fisting Proves to be Enjoyable for Kinksters?

Done with the hiring of your hot favorite and dream call girl in Bangalore? Then, why miss out on surprising her with the right type of sexual erotic moves? Just setting yourself up safe with extreme sexual challenges coolly will help in satisfying your partner.

Another layer of attraction of fisting is none other than the BDSM scene. With a dedicated kinky streak, you can continue with this activity by taking physical stimulation to the extreme level.

As it is not typically a sexual activity, you can lure your Chennai escort. Including some additional prospects like exchanging of power, role-playing, and casual relationships will fetch mouth-watering possibilities.

Amazing Tips for Comfortable Fisting with Your Partner

Ready to fist your erotic girl? Review some important top tips to achieve a comfortable fisting, thus making the most out of Chennai escort service:

  • Cleaning hands properly

    Cleaning hands thoroughly, especially underneath fingernails is essential. Nails must be trimmed and filed.

  • Creating a relaxing environment

    Creating a relaxing environment by playing soothing music and locking the doors will do. The bed must be soft enough to lie down.

  • Using a vibrator

    The use of a bullet vibrator or any external stimulation will arouse the pleasure of Chennai escort It will prepare her body to enjoy the fisting.

  • Avoiding desensitizer

    It is good to avoid the use of desensitizers or easing vaginal or anal fisting. Instead of preventing damage, it numbs against the rips during the session and makes them suffer later.

  • Going slow

    Going slowly and steadily will prevent any type of discomfort to your erotic partner. Instead of inserting the whole fist, practice stretching exercises and use your fingers.

Following these tips will let in providing a great fisting experience to your partner, thus letting in making the best out of Bangalore escort service. Visiting Pooja Kaur will let you get in contact with your dream erotic partner in South India.

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