Mastering Role Play

Mastering Role Play: You Be the Professor, and I Become Your Student!


November 27, 2023

Knock Knock!

Student- Good Morning Sir!

Professor- Morning, Ms. Hustle. Did you complete your homework?

Student- I am sorry sir, I couldn’t make it!

Professor- So, you know the punishment, right?

Student- Yeah Sir!

So, can you guess what will be the student’s punishment?

It’s a hardcore!

I will continue, but first, let me clarify what it is all about.

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You will get a proper understanding after going through the whole story ahead.

Let’s continue with the punishment part.

The professor now asks her student to close the door. The next instruction was to strip out slowly while he pulled out her belt.

The student started opening her tie knot and stripping off her school shirt.

Both turned naked, and the professor asked the student to stand against the wall with her hands at her back.

Now, he slowly comes closer and starts licking her face. Kissing her cheeks, and biting and sucking her lips while the student resists.

Note: Resisting while having foreplay can give make your partner even more horny.

Coming towards the neck, the professor gives her student a sexy love bite. The student started turning on but could not express herself as all this was new.

And now, boobs come into the picture. With lighter teeth, her professor now licks the student’s soft perky boobs.

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The student was feeling tickles in her clit, and the experienced professor knows that, so he started rubbing her clit with his middle finger.

And this is where she starts feeling wet.

With some fingering, the professor asked her to bend down in a doggy position and rubbed his dick on her vagina from behind.

The student or the Bangalore Escort feels amazing while this role play and you (the professor) feel horny and want to fuck her hard.

So, the professor slowly entered his dick into the student’s vagina, and the student was like, “Aah.”

And the fun continued; the student felt amazing being fucked by his professor. She is saying” Don’t stop, fuck me harder”.

The role play ended when both finally cum!


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