Try Janakurpara Pose

Want to Shred Extra Kilos While Having Sex? Try Janakurpara Pose!


November 4, 2023

Sounds surprising? Yes, it is possible to shred extra kilos from your body while having a sexual session. If you are confident about your fitness and ability to give joy to your Bangalore escort, then go with the Janakurpara pose.

Grab this golden opportunity to sprinkle fun in your sexual life by performing the most satisfying position on the bed. It will not only enthrall you physically but also provide emotional fulfillment.

Is it Time to Make Love in Bed?

There are more than sixty different satisfying sexual acts that let in making love on the bed. Performing the poses at the best will let in growing a prolonged relationship with your dream Chennai escort.

Every erotic position is inclusive of variable levels of fun and pleasure. The Janakurpara is unheard of by many people. Are you comparing this exclusive Kamasutra position with the normal ones?

It will be very interesting to both the partners. Not aware of how to perform this on the bed? Here it is……

Erotic Hacks to Perform Janakurpara Pose

Nowadays, almost all Chennai escorts search for some new Kamasutra poses to make the most out of their time. The old-fashioned sexual poses seem to be exclusively boring as there is nothing new.

After confirming your booking for a professional escort service, it is your turn to surprise your partner. This time, giving a trial to the Janakurpara position can be an awesome idea. With moderate fitness, you can come across the highest level of enthralling joy.

This position will not only provide an incomparable sexual experience but also let in shredding some extra kilos. Though you must have an idea about it, still following some hacks will add to the glorified position.

Starting with standing, both you and your partner need to stand straight. You can hire more than one Bangalore call girls. Afterwards, you as a penetrating partner need to lift your dream girl.

After she locks up her elbows under your knees, she is supposed to hold your buttocks tightly. For a memorable joy, your erotic partner can place her hands around your neck. Practicing it once or twice will make you a pro in this exclusively meant Kamasutra pose.

Want to make yourself feel exclusively erotic while performing Janakurpara? Then make sure to have constant eye contact with one of your Chennai call girls. It will let in coming out of shyness and hesitation, thus helping in performing the best.

What is the Right Place to Perform Janakurpara?

After knowing about the amazing hacks to perform Janakurpara, some people must assume that it can be performed anywhere. Even on the seat of a driver or on a balcony! For the best experience, you better have a private room.

To ease the environment, you can switch on the dim lights and play soothing music. Switching on the air conditioner is not recommended. The more you sweat from the moisture, the higher will be your level of joy.

Feeling confident about your ability to satisfy your erotic partner? If yes, then join hands with Pooja Kaur to come across a fabulous collection of gorgeous Chennai escorts. Make your bookings now before it goes houseful.

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