VIP Escort Service Chennai

VIP Escort Service in Chennai

Men are keen on satisfying their sexual desires. If you are looking for sexual pleasure then you are in luck. VIP Escort Service Chennai offers several sexual pleasures through luxury call girls. Chennai is slowly developing into a cosmopolitan where people come from all over the country. Men often seek sexual pleasure to fulfil their unsatisfied desire for sex. However, the reason for arrival in the state might differ but everyone likes to blow some steam after work. At such moment, our escort company suits all your requirements from cooperative staff as well as privacy of our clients.

One-stop for all sexual fantasy with VIP Call Girls


Sexual pleasure is insatiable in every sense irrespective of gender. The pleasure of having a satisfying orgasm and fulfilling sexual desire is unimaginable. Not many of us have experienced it. The true sense of achieving an ultimate peak of sexual performance could be a life-changing experience. Premium Chennai escorts come with an impeccable service experience to deliver you the sexual pleasure you have been waiting for. Not to forget, the sexual desires that you have towards your sexual partner can be easily fulfilled without any questions asked. Here, you can be what you want to be without any judgements. We offer luxury call girls from different ethnicity and distinctive regions to meet your ideal sexual partner’s profile.


VIP Female Escorts in Chennai


Our high-class Chennai escorts are properly trained to keep clients happy under any terms. Hospitality is one of many amazing factors which distinguish us from any other escort service in Chennai. Our girl’s catalogue is vast and eye-catching. You can choose any girl from local Tamil to foreign Russian. We simply cater vast majority of distinctive clients from Indian citizens to International clients. Your demands are our top priority. Our premium Chennai escorts are well educated and obedient towards their clients from romancing to pleasing in the bed. Everything you wish becomes a reality under our services.


Fulfil all your sexual lust with VIP Escort Service


VIP hot model girls will please all your sexual lust at its uttermost pleasure. Sexual pleasure is a two-way lane where both partners have to take care of each other. Luxury escort service will provide different sexual and companion pleasures to our clients. The top-rated services are listed below:


  1. The real girlfriend experience is one of the most popular services among escorts in Chennai. No strings attached with all the sexual pleasure in the bed will make you more erotic as a man. Our girls will please you like a boyfriend for a nightstand. Most men have always been afraid of asking a girl out for anything due to a lack of self-confidence and a discouraging environment. However, you can choose the type of girl you want and she will be all yours till you get satisfied.

  1. Luxury call girls have all the desirable role plays that one has to look for sexual pleasure. Housewives are the most popular ones. Everyone loves them but no one dares to ask them for sexual pleasures. Most men crave housewives as women tend to be more attractive when they have reached a certain age. By all means, they have more experience than a newbie and easily satisfy any man without much effort. So, you can choose the right housewives from our catalogue to meet all your sexy standards.

  1. Companionship and sexy kinks are becoming more appealing formats for the new age group. After the demands for such services arise we have also started catering for our clients with their desirable sexy kinks. There are different aspects of being a companion for a girl. In our agency taking care of all your desires is our topmost priority more importantly communicating to understand what you seek from them. It’s important to know your clients to provide better services. Sexy kinks are way more intriguing than just having sex because it fuels your list to be more than just sexual partner’s in the end. 

We Offer Different Types of Sexual and VIP Escort Service in Chennai

At premium Chennai escorts, we tend to offer different levels of sexual services to guarantee the complete satisfaction of our clients. Some of the best are listed below:

  1. Incall – In this service, you can visit our place for sexual pleasure. It mostly opts for local men who live in Chennai. Under this service, you will get a separate place with your sexual partner. You can easily enjoy the best times of your life without any problems. Our host will guide you to your room and let you know all the information about the girl you have chosen. 
  2. Outcall – In this service, the girls will be sent to your place e.g. hotel, house etc. You can get all the services at your place without moving a bit. This service is specialized for men who stay at hotels for business or personal reasons. They can easily book a girl after choosing the suitable one for their needs. Our enquiry counter will help you to book a girl without any tedious process. 
  3. Body 2 body massages – One of the most popular know services in the escort agency. This one is truly great as you can enjoy the massages along with the sexual pleasures. Our masseuse will help to alleviate the stressful pain in your body. In addition to this, she will also satisfy you in the bed in her best capacity. 
VIP Escort Service Chennai

List of VIP Escort Service Models in Chennai

Premium Chennai escorts provide the best available portfolio of luxury call girls in Chennai. Whatever your demands are we will fulfil them. The vast catalogue consists of girls from different states, regions and even foreigners. I hope you can choose from our listed category of girls:

Girls over 18yrs are the most common ones. Everyone wants to have an intimate relationship with a girl over 18. It’s like an ultimate obsession with newly girls turning adults. They are mostly new to any sexual service but most of the clients enjoy their freshness in the playful field.

  1. Housewives are truly legendary when it comes to satisfying a man in the bed. Nothing could compete with their sexual performance or skills. You won’t last long if they truly come to satisfy your lust. That’s what makes them so high in demand. Their sexual experiences with their spouse will make them more intriguing in bed. You don’t have to comfort a lot like newly girls.
  2. North Indian girls are known for their beautiful skin tone and appealing physique. In short, they are much sexier than south Indian girls. But it all depends on the client’s requirements. Men from the north are more keen to have a sexual partner with a beautiful skin tone and a great physique. They have a distinctive taste in satisfying their partner. Their voice and moaning could uplift your spirits from deep.
  3. South Indian girls are basically from the southern region e.g. Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Kerela etc. The girls are much more friendly and cooperative with clients. They respect clients’ choices and willing to fulfil their personal desires in the best way possible. Southern state girls have a distinct taste in sexual pleasure as they are more towards enjoying the company and letting the things happen on their own. For men who are seeking a company with sexual satisfaction then this is it.
  4. Russian girls are no new to anyone. However, not many offer real Russian girls in Chennai. High-class Chennai escorts guarantee to provide authentic Russian chicks to make our clients feel special to us. These girls are way more forward and insatiable than any girls we have. That’s why they are not easily available. As one said, keep the best for the last.

Benefits of hiring our luxury escort service models

There are countless independent call girls and escort agencies which promise to provide sexual pleasure from their end. However, most of them are only intended to be fake at some point. The trust on both ends will only help you to move forward. Here are some crucial points that we have clarified for trusting in our service:

  1. Giving complete satisfaction is one of the key features of our agency. Therefore, satisfaction leads to good feedback and we simply depend on word of mouth philosophy. Keeping our clients happy and satisfied till the service is our keen interest. 
  2. We respect our client’s privacy for multiple reasons. The anonymous nature of our business will keep both parties safe. We never disclose our client’s whereabouts for security reasons. The trust and authority that our clients put us in, is nothing to be compromised at any state. You can feel secured and nothing to be afraid of. 
  3. The most crucial aspect of luxury call girls is to provide cooperative staff to our clients. All our girls are trained and specialized in catering for our clients with uttermost honesty and dignity. We intend to provide the best staff to suit the client’s requirements. These girls are well behaved and mannered to maintain the level of service that we are offering. Sexual pleasure is one of the most misunderstood concepts in recent times. It is more than sex and it couldn’t be completed without complete satisfaction. 
  4. VIP Female Escorts will take care of all our client’s wishes. Their job is to take care of all your demands without any questions asked. They can do their job impeccably without any mistakes. There are several kinks associated with one’s true sexual desires. We can take care of all such kinks with complete satisfaction.