Make Your Valentine’s Day Special

Want to Make Your Valentine’s Day Special? Make Your Girl Cum Faster!


February 5, 2024

Who said that single men cannot celebrate Valentine’s Day? There are plenty of choices to enjoy the glorious chemistry between a man and a woman. How can you miss the chance to sign up with a Chennai escort agency?

As there will be plenty number of hot girls, you can select the most suitable class escort to make your V-day unique. Wondering how to make your Chennai escort feel special on that day? Make her cum faster by following some amazing hacks.

Will it be wise to Spend Time on foreplay?

True that the word “faster,” especially in the case of cumming remains a bit blurry! Some women enjoy it within five minutes, while others enjoy it within twenty minutes. Having a hot girl can speed up the excitement of calling service with some foreplay.

As a Chennai guy, did you plan to celebrate 14th February in Bangalore? Great! Once done with booking your hot favorite Bangalore escort, it will be wise to spend time on foreplay. The play must be a minimum of ten minutes to keep your hot partner in an excited state.

To add, you may go with deep kissing! Maximum women like clitoral stimulation before an orgasm. With different kinds of hot touches, you can make your girl cum faster. It will be good to remember that the touch must be gentle.

If you are not comfortable using your fingers, then use a branded vibrator for touching different locations of the clitoris of your call girl in Bangalore.

Is Your Partner Going Down On You? Try Some Exotic Oral Moves!

Even after trying with some erotic vibrations, is your partner still going down on you? Why panic when you are desperate to give some exotic moves? Surprising Chennai call girls is possible by providing some oral sexual poses.

It is one of the highly recognized ways to promote female orgasms. With plenty of pleasurable products available in the market, you may carry out any of these activities smoothly:

  • Mimic flicking
  • Licking
  • Sucking

Adding a small amount of lube will promote a quick climax and better erotic pleasure with escort girls. Silicone-based lubes will make your female partner feel highly pleasurable and comfortable.

Planning to be Creative? Use a high-quality Vibrator

For a pleasurable orgasm, you need to increase the desire for erotic arousal in call girls in Chennai. To some extent, it is possible by rubbing your hands over the silky body, but there is no alternative to a vibrator.

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Some of the most exclusive varieties available in the market include wand-style vibrator, rabbit-style, and many more. If the first toy does not work on your Chennai escort, you better go with the second.

Are you aware of any Chennai red light area where you can shake hands with a hot call girl? No! Please make your way to Pooja Kaur so that it becomes easy to celebrate your day romantically.

From trying out different erotic positions to dirty talking, you can easily get indulged in fantasy. If there is a kink that appeals to you the most, then go ahead and try it out with a call girl in Chennai or Chennai of your choice.

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