Want to Perform Erotic Fun from Behind? Do Not Stick to Doggy Style…


January 18, 2024

What are your plans for 2024 with your dream class escort? Performing erotic fun from behind and having a great time together? If yes, then why remain stuck to doggy style? Other exclusive positions can be orgasmic and animalistic.

There are times when the knees of players cannot take the pressure of read-entry positions. Are you also among them? It is high time to peep into some exclusive alternatives that deserve a place in the repertoire of players.

Before getting yourself acquainted with new forms, better peep into the benefits of having sex from behind with your Bangalore escort.

What Makes Trying Sex from Behind with Your Escort Partner?

There are times when the sexual session seems a bit stale. Trying out in the same positions like kissing and smooching may result in boredom. This year, why not take the plunge with some new exceptions?

Penetration from behind can stimulate many sensitive areas of college girls including A-spot and G-spot. It can also bring back some sparks to your erotic, playful session. Having a normal and dull play with Chennai call girls may lack novelty.

To switch up the time, preferring a rear-entry erotic position may keep the chemistry alive. Though the list of benefits is unending, some of the highly remarkable ones are:

  • Easy to access
  • Comfortable for players with mobility issues
  • Easy controlling in the depth of penetration

People tend to focus on the front portion of the bodies of Chennai call girls. It makes it easy to play with nipples and stimulate the clitoris. To enjoy the experience further, better try some rear positions.

Start with the leapfrog position…….

Prefer Shallow Penetration? Try the Leapfrog Position……

Does your partner want to go with a super deep calling service along with some rest? Then going with the leapfrog position will be the right choice. The hands of both of you will remain free to give extra pleasure to other erogenous zones.

The Chennai escorts will start on their knees and hands. Afterward, they can easily drop their arms and heads to rest, thus keeping their hips raised. Once in a comfortable position, you can enter from behind while your partner goes on her knees.

To make the penetration hotter, you can use a buffer ring. It can be utilized for adjusting the penetration based on her preference. Want to enjoy making your partner lay parallel to the edge of the bed? Give an attempt to corkscrew……

How Will Corkscrew Increase the Feeling of Good Friction?

Are you looking forward to change the usual sensation? If yes, then the corkscrew can let in, making the Chennai escort service exclusively enjoyable. This specific position will permit the penetrating part of the body to enter the back of your partner differently.

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As the legs of your call girl in Chennai will remain together, it will enhance the feeling of frictional pressure. Your partner needs to stand on the sides of the bed so that penetration becomes easy.

To make it hotter, consider installing a wall mirror in the bedroom and positioning it in front of the bed. It will make both of you make eye contact with each other through reflection. What are you waiting for?

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